Memorial Day Shopping Guide: Who is Closed & Who is Open for Business?

shopping memorial dayGrab your credit cards, and hit the sales because it's Memorial Day! Got your wallet, your car keys, and your willingness to to save big money with holiday mark-downs? So . . . go!

Wait, not so fast. Before you head out, you might want to check this list to see if your favorite retail location is offering huge discounts, or instead has closed its doors to celebrate with their family and ponder the meaning of Memorial Day.



Wide Open

Wal-Mart -- And they've got everything from beef to plastic cups marked down for your Memorial Day festivities.

Target -- Don't forget your coupons in the weekly ad, so you too can decorate your outdoors in hip, yet affordable, style.

Randall's/Vons -- Depending on your location, you can load up on groceries at Randall's/Vons on Memorial Day. Excellent to know when a beer run is needed.

Barnes & Noble -- So you can pick up your beach read.

Home Depot -- Get your home improvement on today, and as I mentioned before, if you're in the military you can get an even bigger discount today.

Lowe's -- Same thing here, weekend workshoppers.

Apple Store -- Just in case you drop your iPhone in the pool.

Whole Foods -- For your organic shopping needs, Whole Foods can hook you up today.

Cabela's -- For all of your outdoor sporting needs, and even some you totally don't need -- Cabela's doors are open and mark downs are all over the place.

Kmart -- Not only is Kmart open, you can also buy a pool for your backyard. Happy Memorial Day!

Bummer, These are Closed

Costco - So do your bulk discount shopping on Tuesday.

Liquor Stores -- Most states will not allow liquor stores to be open on Memorial Day (but some do!) so hopefully you prepared for the party before today. You did, right?

Your Bank -- But ATM machines are always working. So you can spend, spend, spend, people!

Where are you shopping today?


Image via Alex E. Proimos/Flickr

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