'Disoriented' American Airlines Passenger Restrained in Miami

airplaneAnother day, another strange airline occurrence with a passenger. I mean, is it getting to be a regular thing? Has this trend peaked yet? What's going on? Today, reports had it that a passenger on an American Airlines flight from Jamaica had to be restrained after rushing towards the cockpit after the flight landed in Miami.

Apparently it was, once again, the passengers who got up and showed the "disoriented" male what's what. Yep, they weren't gonna let no one have their way with the cockpit, not on their watch, no sirree bob. You just don't get away with being wacky on planes anymore!


Apparently the guy didn't attempt to enter the cockpit, just didn't sit down when he was told to, and then began moving towards the cockpit. But maybe he just wanted off the plane(?). Perhaps he didn't speak English? (The plane was coming from Jamaica so that's unlikely.) Maybe he'd taken some medication and wasn't thinking properly. Maybe he DID want to storm the cockpit.

It was only three days ago that NORAD escorted a North Carolina-bound U.S Airways jetliner, diverting it to Maine after the "mentally unstable" behavior of a female passenger alerted authorities. And in March, passengers held down a JetBlue airline pilot who had an mid-air meltdown, ranting and raving about 9/11.

I don't know if more people on planes are going crazy, or if our antennae for suspicious behavior is so sensitive that we're cracking down more than usual, or if the media is just reporting more of this kind of thing, or what. But it seems so common now. Luckily, all of the recent incidents have ended with everyone being okay and the plane landing safely.

Do these incidents make you less likely to fly?


Image via xlibber/ Flickr

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