Baby Sloth Being Bathed Will Kill You (Slowly) With Cuteness (VIDEO)

Sloths. You either love 'em or you are kinda scared of 'em, amiright? They're fuzzily adorable ... orrrrrr rather creepy looking. Depends on what you like, I guess. I happen to think they're pretty cute, except those big claw toes are pretty scary. I don't think I'd want a sloth as a pet, but they are exotic animals. You really have to know what you're doing to have an exotic animal as a pet, and most people don't.

Anyway, where there are sloths, there are baby sloths. And a baby sloth, my friends, is a lot cuter than an adult sloth. You don't have to take my word for it, I've got the video evidence.


What makes this particular baby sloth so adorable is the little honking noises he makes. He's almost like, "Whaa --? Whaa --?" And then he's kind of like, "Meep. Meep." And then he goes, "Mah! Mah!" You don't believe me? Take a listen. He's a really chatty sloth.

Of course, no mention of a sloth would be complete without bringing up actress Kristen Bell and her sloth-induced meltdown. Bell was soooooo excited when her boyfriend, Dax Shepherd, introduced her to a sloth that she started bawling. "My entire life had been waiting for this moment," Kristen gushed to Ellen DeGeneres. I don't even WANNA know what would happen if Kristen ever met this baby sloth cutie.

Check him out. And if you're a Kristen Bell-like sloth fanatic, make sure you're not at the office, lest someone call an ambulance.

Do you like sloths?


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