Chardon High School Shooter Will Get Adult Consequences for His Crimes (VIDEO)

tj laneWe were heartbroken when we heard about the fatal shootings at Chardon High School in Ohio this winter. Three of the five teenagers shot died. Even more tragic was the news that the shooter, T.J. Lane, was also a teenager. That means four lives cut short.

Lane is just 17 years old. But a juvenile court judge announced today that he will be tried as an adult. Lane isn't technically an adult yet so the ruling may seem harsh. But when you think about it, the judge made the right call. The alternative is chilling.


If Lane were charged as a juvenile, the maximum sentence would be jail until he turns 21 -- and that hardly seems fitting for the crime. In fact, it sounds downright dangerous. The judge thinks Lane poses such a huge flight risk and safety risk to the community that he rejected a request to release the teen on a $500,000 bond.

Charged as an adult, Lane could face life in prison, though as a minor, he won't face the death penalty.

During this morning's hearing, the judge, Lane, attorneys, and family members of the victims saw surveillance video of the incident. Reporters weren't allowed in the room, but we now know that on the day of the shooting, Lane wore a t-shirt with the word "killer" written on it. He has admitted to the shooting. But when Deputy Sheriff John Bilicic asked Lane why he shot the teens, he said he didn't know. Lane also says he didn't know how many people he shot. He said he hadn't been on drugs and he hadn't been bullied. His psychiatrist says he has a mental illness but can understand the charges against him.

So why? Why did he put on a "killer" t-shirt one morning and shoot a room full of his peers? I don't know if we'll ever find out, or if we'll ever see that surveillance video. But whatever the judge saw in that video, it must have been chilling. What the judge saw showed him that he needs to treat Lane as an adult who is still a danger to the community.

Do you agree that T.J. Lane should be tried as an adult?


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