Father & 2 Sons Drown in Cow Manure

You know how sometimes you're really bored and you sit around with your friends and discuss the ideal way you'd want to die? Hey, I said you were really bored. Anyway, it usually involves something like, "I drank a glass of wine, listened to some music, and fell asleep, never to awaken ..." And then you toy around with a bunch of scenarios for the absolute worst way to die ... 

Well, this worst-case death scenario is no game. It actually happened to a Pennsylvania man and claimed the lives of his two teenage sons as well. It's not only tragic and heartbreaking but encompasses some of the worst nightmares on the death spectrum. The man and his boys died by drowning in manure.


The man, Glen Nolt, and his two sons, 18-year-old Kelvin and 14-year-old Cleason, worked at a dairy farm in Maryland. When the three failed to come home to their family after a day of milking cows, the family drove to the dairy farm. There, the owner called police.

After a search, the men were found -- and this is terrrible -- dead in a manure pit. That's right, the manure pit where the cows' dung was poured into, that's where the men were located after the poop was pumped out of the pit.

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No one knows exactly how they got there, but since the three of them were in it, I'm thinking one got stuck, and the other two tried to help out, and the pit of poop somehow swallowed them all? Or did they not see it and all three were walking together and fell in? The police do not suspect foul play. Though, certainly, the whole thing was foul.

I seriously cannot imagine what their family is going through. To lose a husband, father, and two sons, and to lose them all in such a horribly weird and awful way. We've all got to go sometime, but like this?

It's tragic to lose anyone before their time, let alone a father and his two young sons, who had so much life ahead of them. But add in something like this, which just sounds gross and horrible, and that people might actually crack jokes about, it's sad all around.

Is this one of the worst deaths you've ever heard of?


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