DUI Bust Includes Zebra, Parrot & an Old Dude Too (VIDEO)

zebraI wish I could've seen the original police blotter for this story. A man with a pet zebra and parrot in the front seat of his car was arrested in Dubuque, Iowa recently for an alleged OWI. It sounds like something straight out of The Hangover, but rest assured, Jerald Reiter, 55, wasn't drugged by Zach Galifianakis or serenaded by an ornery Mike Tyson. Reiter was just taking his zebra and his parrot to a local bar, you see, because he thought they allowed animals inside.

After learning that his beloved beasts weren't, in fact, welcome, Reiter went to put his pets back in the truck, but obviously couldn't do so without garnering some attention. People were snapping photos as he put the dynamic duo in the front seat, and Reiter believes one of the onlookers called the cops. What a buzz kill.


Police showed up and charged Reiter with an OWI. News reports say he was just sitting in the car in the parking lot, but even though the car wasn't in motion, Iowa law states that one can still be charged with OWI. He blew a .14, the legal limit is .08, and he spent the night in jail.

If anything, I think Reiter deserves a high five, not a slap on the wrist. Anyone who rides (sober) with a posse that includes a zebra and a Macaw is one of the coolest guys around. Tis a fact.

Reiter's girlfriend says they treat their furry friends like they're their children. She doesn't mention anything about schooling, or letting daddy take them to the bar when they're under-aged, but the gist is the animals get the royal treatment. Anyone else picturing a zebra in a red cape wearing a crown? Cool.

I hope Reiter isn't convicted if he's innocent -- sounds like he's needed at home to help pamper the kiddos. And by kiddos I mean a baby zebra and a parrot who doesn't like it when you touch its tale.

Watch the news story:

What's the craziest pet you've ever heard of?


Photo via Rennett Stowe/Flickr

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