Disgusting Pastor Suggests Letting Gays Die in Concentration Camp (VIDEO)

Pastor Charles WorleyWhat is with the so-called Christian pastors in North Carolina lately? A few weeks ago we had the creep who told dads to punch their toddler sons for acting "gay," and now we have the Rev. Charles Worley whose idea of delivering a stirring Mother's Day sermon is to suggest we round up all the gays and lesbians and place them in concentration camps

Worley was videotaped standing at the pulpit of the Providence Road Baptist Church on May 13 calling for an electrified fence to be built to keep the nation's LGBT community. There Worley said they can "die off."

Disturbing. And a somewhat ironic choice of words for a guy who also called President Barack Obama a baby killer.


Worley is all for protecting the "life" of a fetus, but he has no qualms about ending the life of an adult homosexual. I wonder if he's seen the quote that keeps popping up on Facebook lately: "If the fetus you save is gay, will you still fight for its rights?" Based on his own words, Worley would not. He'd rather let that one "die off." Take a listen:

Like the toddler-punching sermon delivered by Berean Baptist Church pastor Sean Harris, Worley's concentration camp speech was a response to North Carolina's recent passing of Amendment One, a law that will keep same sex couples from marrying in the Tarheel State. And by the "Amens" you can hear in the background after Worley spits out his rhetoric, it seems there's a church full of people who agree with them.

It's too bad. Considering they got up and went to a Baptist church on a Sunday morning, one might confuse them as Christians. But Christians follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, who specifically instructed his followers to "turn the other cheek" and feasted with sinners (and tax collectors). Plotting an eradication of an entire sector of the population sounds less like a Christian church service and more like a war counsel. 

What do you think of Worley's comments?


Image via cacamaymie/YouTube

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