Grandmother Confesses to Stabbing Daughter & Baby Granddaughter

Lillie Stanton, a 48-year-old grandmother in Kentucky, has been charged with stabbing her 23-year-old daughter Danel Korrey Stanton and 22-month-old granddaughter Kaydence Ray Miers to death last week. She had also stabbed herself. The tragedy is unimaginable and until she was charged, it seemed impossible to imagine it could have really been her.

As of now, no motive has been given, but Stanton allegedly confessed once she recovered enough to speak to investigators. This is so heartbreaking for so many reasons. The exact person a young mom should be able to trust killed her.

But then this is the sad tragedy of so many stories like this.


So many times the murderer is someone the young mom knew. It's her boyfriend or her husband or her father or, worst of all maybe, her own mother.

It's so terrifying to think it's always someone a woman knows and trusts who will cause her harm. We spend our lives fearing strangers, walking through parking garages with our keys held in our fingers and scared of the anonymous bogeyman with the white mask.

But it's so rarely a stranger. It's so often someone we know and trust.

I can't speculate on this case because I know nothing about this. But it wouldn't surprise me to hear that there were warning signs or mental health issues leading up to this. It can't always be up to law enforcement to save people. Sometimes people have to look out for each other.

Most of us could never imagine another person being capable of such an act. But if we see anything happening that is suspicious to vulnerable friends or family, we should speak up. We should intervene. Even if we are wrong and look stupid, that is far preferable to the alternative.

My heart goes out to all those mourning the loss of this beautiful young mother and her toddler.

Do you say something when you see suspicious things in other people's homes?


Image via jayneandd/Flickr

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