It's Fleet Week -- Hello, Cute Sailors! (PHOTOS)

fleet weekFleet Week begins today! This is the week when the U.S. Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard take a break from active duty, dock in New York City, and enjoy ceremonies and some R & R. In fact, there's a parade of ships floating up the Hudson as I write this. Throughout the weekend there will be exciting flight demonstrations and guided tours of ships.

It's a privilege to host our men and women in uniform this week. They deserve a fun week on the town after serving for weeks and months aboard those ships. (There are other, smaller Fleet Weeks in other U.S. cities.) The Navy is live-streaming events -- so no matter where you are you can join in, too. In honor of our troops, we put together a little slideshow. Hello, Sailors!

Have you ever seen Fleet Week in person?

Image via U.S. Navy/Flickr

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