Amanda Knox Made 'Maxim's Hot List, as Well She Should Have

bathing suitWhen you think "hot," you think hard bodies, bikinis, long flowing hair. Oh, and being accused of torturing and stabbing your roommate to death during a drug-fueled orgy. At least, this is what Maxim magazine considers hot. It added Amanda Knox, the American student who was on trial for killing her roommate in Italy, to a list of 100 hotties, including supermodel Bar Raefeli, Olivia Munn, and Mila Kunis. What Maxim, no Casey Anthony?

Now, don't get me wrong. Amanda is a beautiful girl. Dark locks, blue eyes, plush lips. But it's that whole murder thing that really elevates her to a higher level of sexiness.


We all know female criminals are totally hot. Lizzie Borden has a famous song about her. Bonnie Parker was played by Faye Dunaway. Two real life murderesses were the basis for the musical Chicago. The Investigation Discovery channel's programming lineup is chock-full of lady criminals. So why not a Maxim pictorial for Foxy Knoxy?

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Maxim isn't stupid. It knows it needs a little controversy to spice things up. Readers had their say this year by voting for the contenders. So clearly a lot of people think Amanda is quite foxy indeed. And can we all just say these lists are ridiculous anyway?

Amanda did have her conviction overturned. I'm not saying she's a criminal. But she wouldn't be on Maxim's list if she'd been awarded a merit badge for selling Girl Scout cookies. She wouldn't have gotten a book deal for that either. Nor would the entire country have cared one whit that she was in an Italian prison if she hadn't been young and pretty. Beauty and crime go together like a horse and carriage, okay?

Plus magazines are just trying to sell copies. Remember the mom nursing her 3-year-old? Of course you do. Remember the cover the week before? Nope. In fact, I'm surprised that Time magazine breastfeeding mama didn't make Maxim's list. Anyway, my vote next year is going to Tanning Mom. Now that's sizzlin'!

Do you think Amanda Knox should be on the Hot 100?

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