U.S. Airways Flight Diverted After Bizarre Security Scare

airplane flyingA scary incident just unfolded up over U.S. airspace earlier today. A U.S. Airways jetliner that was flying from Paris to Charlotte, North Carolina was diverted to Maine, due to what an airline spokesperson described as a "security issue." The aircraft was even escorted by two F-15 fighters, according to a North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) spokesman.

Apparently, all the brouhaha stemmed from a passenger's odd, reportedly "mentally unstable" behavior. A woman aboard the flight -- identified as a French citizen born in Cameroon -- announced she had a "surgically implanted device," reports the AP. But the source spoke anonymously, because the subject matter involved sensitive law enforcement info. 

Wow, can you imagine? It had to be incredibly frightening to be a passenger aboard this plane!


The Boeing 767, which had 179 passengers and nine crew members aboard, reportedly landed at Bangor International Airport at noon. There's mixed info on whether or not the woman who caused all the commotion is in custody, but doctors aboard the flight supposedly examined the woman and saw no recent scars. Strange!

It seems that after the plane was met by state, local, and federal law enforcement officers in Bangor, it was cleared to continue on to Charlotte.

Granted, there have certainly been cases in the past in which airplane crews have overreacted about passenger behavior. This, however, sounds like a completely different story. There must have been some kind of serious cause for concern to warrant a NORAD escort. 

For now, I'm sure more official details will emerge as the day wears on, and thank goodness passengers are probably just a bit shaken up -- nothing worse! But how totally bizarre.

How unnerving is this?

Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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