Baby Penguin Meets Human for the First Time & Falls in Love (VIDEO)



baby penguin manAs someone whose teeth start to chatter when the temperature dips below 55 degrees, there is absolutely nothing appealing to me about the Antarctic. Or I should say, there WAS absolutely nothing appealing to me about the Antarctic. Before I saw this video and saw this adorable fuzzy penguin guy meeting a human being for the first time ever! Clearly making a wee penguin buddy in the Antarctic is super easy: Just get down on the ground and avoid making any loud noises or sudden movements and before you know it ... ta-da! Teeny penguin love!


Awwww. Seems like this little dude is looking for a daddy. Maybe he's lost track of his real father momentarily, like a human kid in the grocery store?

Of course human children don't generally start auditioning replacement parents so quickly, but hey. A penguin's gotta be practical, after all.

Just watch:

I love how the penguin is all like, Okay, this one seems pretty good. I'm just gonna settle in here and get cozy. There we go. It's official. When's dinner, dad?

Don't you totally want a baby penguin?! Would it be worth a trip to the Antarctic to snuggle one?

Image via joeloleson/YouTube

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