Busty Woman Says She Was Fired for Not Taping Down Her Large Breasts (VIDEO)

odes and alredIt used to be that big boobs could help you get ahead in life. Clearly, not anymore. A New Jersey woman claims she was fired for being "too hot" and busty.

Two days into her data entry job at lingerie company Native Intimates, Lauren Odes -- who had asked about a dress code before starting -- was told to tape her breasts down. A supervisor warned her that the Orthodox Jewish store owners allegedly found her curve-hugging looks too "distracting."


Now before visions of Snooki run through your head, I should point out that the outfits in question weren't that bad. Odes wore boat neck, knee-length dresses that, while definitely showing off her shape, were nowhere near scandalous. Yet she was supposedly told that she needed to change her clothing, "for her own safety."

odes's dressStill, Odes was willing to compromise. She swapped the frocks for a t-shirt, black leggings, and rain boots, but that wasn't good enough for the officer oglers. "When my supervisors suggested that I tape down my breasts, I asked, 'Are you kidding me?'" she shared during a press conference. Then a female supervisor pulled out a bulky, bright red bathrobe and told her to wear it all day.

Humiliated, Odes went out to buy another outfit instead, but was called and fired before she made it back to the office. She has since hired Gloria Allred and filed a lawsuit against the company claiming religious and sexual discrimination.

The most appalling part of the tale? This company sells thongs with hearts marking the spot, if you know what I mean. Then there are the oh-so-classy, cheek revealing boy shorts with "Hot" emblazoned across the back.

I took a look at the company website and there are half-naked woman all over it. Perhaps it's only a problem for these owners if the women are in 3D. If these guys are so easily distracted, maybe they should just work from home.

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Do you think the owners had a right to fire a woman for being too busty?

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