Casey Anthony Will Take the Stand -- She Can't Hide Anymore

It's been a while since we have heard from Casey Anthony, the infamous mother who was accused and acquitted of killing her beautiful toddler daughter Caylee. She has mostly been laying low and in hiding, but all that is about to change. An investigative team has found her location.

There may just be some kind of justice for Casey yet. Anthony has been ordered out of hiding to face some questions under oath in a courtroom regarding the defamation action filed by a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez.

The real Gonzalez had nothing to do with the case. It was a name Anthony used when she said a "babysitter" had taken Caylee. That babysitter was named Zenaida Gonzalez and though it was likely a complete fabrication, the real Gonzalez paid a hefty price as her "name" was dragged into such a tragic and emotional case.


Whether you believe Anthony was guilty or innocent, there is no doubt that she got away with telling an awful lot of lies, and now maybe her time has come to pay for some of them.

The sense of entitlement Anthony has is unmatched by anyone. To think she thought she could lie and cheat and say whatever she wanted and that it was perfectly OK says a lot about her mental state.

She thought it was OK to make up a name. She thought it was OK to tell eight different stories about her past and her daughter's past, and finally she thought it was OK to lie about just about everything.

At some point, she has to pay the piper. Sure she may not be in jail. Yet. But this is a first step.

She was acquitted of murder and we have to "respect" that. The US has a justice system for a reason. And even though she isn't paying for her daughter's death, she is paying for some aspect of it by being forced to hide and now being forced to come out of hiding with so many people who hate her out to get her.

It isn't justice for Caylee. But it's something.

Do you think this will bring justice?


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