Man Who Survived Niagara Falls Plunge Is More Than 'Lucky'

niagara fallsWhoa. Talk about a sign from the universe. The man who survived a 180-foot plunge over Niagara Falls -- only the third person ever known to have gone over the Falls without a safety device and live -- was apparently trying to kill himself!

According to Niagara Parks Police, witnesses reported seeing the man climb over a 20 to 30 foot wall and "deliberately jump" over the wall this morning at 10:20 a.m. (Can you imagine seeing that happen?) Then, even more unbelievably, the man surfaced in the Niagara River basin and somehow made it to shore on his own. Alive!

Not, however, unscathed ...


The man, thought to be in his 30's or 40's, sustained critical chest injuries in the fall including broken ribs and a collapsed lung and was helicoptered to a hospital for treatment. Still, he's expected to make it!

According to Platoon Chief Dan Orescanin of the Niagara Falls, Ontario, Fire Department, the jumper's survival was a tremendous "stroke of luck."

"He must have gotten swept into an eddy, floated over there and was able to get out on his own. If he was in the main current, he would have been swept down river."

Wow. Surviving any suicide attempt must serve as a wake-up call of sorts -- an opportunity to reconsider at the very least. But surviving one of the most dramatic suicide attempts possible?

I'll agree this guy had luck on his side. But something else -- fate or God or Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life -- definitely played a part here.

Do you think the man who survived a Niagara Falls suicide jump was lucky?

Image via Alberto Mari/Flickr

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