Mondo Marijuana Find Off California Coast Gives New Meaning to the 'High' Seas (VIDEO)

marijuana foundIf you have some snorkel gear, live near the coast in Orange County, California, and have an affinity for the marijuana, you might want to pay attention. Authorities just found over 7,000 pounds of weed floating off the shore and estimate that its value is close to $4 million. A boater first saw the suspicious barrels bobbing about 15 miles from Dana Point on Sunday and now the U.S. Border Control is in possession of the green sometimes legal, sometimes illegal goods.

The way I see it, it's a good thing all that sea ... weed didn't wash ashore because that would've been one incredibly high tide. Ba dum ching!

Anyway, the weird part about this story, besides the fact some determined pot heads didn't try to swim out to those floating barrels of heaven, is the fact that no one knows where the weed came from.


Usually, a stash like that is thrown off the sides of boats that are being pursued by cops, but that wasn't the case here. They just sort of appeared out of nowhere. Maybe the boat it was on sank, or maybe baby Jesus sent it down from glory on high, but the origin of the grass has yet to be weeded out. Officials are probably going to have to hash this one out for a while before they can nip the case in the bud.

Nailed it.

The best case scenario here is that the pot is put to good use. I know some of those little fishies are probably enjoying themselves, that is, well, until the bigger fish get the munchies, but when it comes to general human re-purposing, I hope the weed can be put to good use boosting California's economy. Put it in those medical marijuana dispensaries and watch the free cash roll in for a 100 percent profit margin. 

As the U.S. Border Patrol tries to snuff out the culprits, I think all we really need to take away from this story is that dope floats. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.


What do you think they should do with the pot?


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