Best Solar Eclipse Footage Capturing the 'Ring of Fire' in the Sky (VIDEO)

annular eclipseDid you catch the annular solar eclipse this weekend? The new moon passed between Earth and the sun and blocked most of the sun's disk. That's what makes this eclipse different from a "total" eclipse of the sun: The moon doesn't cover the sun completely. But what you see is spectacular -- a ring of fire in the sky! And we won't see another one again for another five years.

The best views of the eclipse were from the U.S. west and from Asia. But if you live somewhere else and missed all the excitement, you can still catch it on video. Take a look -- from New Mexico to Tokyo. And yes, it did totally own that slacker supermoon.


Here's what the eclipse looked like from around Asia. Notice everyone is wearing those special eclipse glasses. The light is so intense it can burn your retinas.

Someone in Tokyo made a cool eclipse music video. It's cool, but HELLO, he should have used "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash.

Here's an amateur video from Los Angeles viewed from those eclipse lenses.

There was a cloudless view of the eclipse in New Mexico.

I like this video because you can hear the crowd's reaction. Ooh, ahhs, and lots of cheers. Everyone sounds thrilled.

And here's some more eclipse coverage from ABC news.

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Did any of you happen to catch the eclipse first hand? Have you ever witnessed an eclipse in person?


Image via AssociatedPress/YouTube

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