Sex Offender Caught on Tape Stalking Kids & Touching Himself (VIDEO)

In today's utterly terrifying news, a pedophile in Florida was caught on camera trying to lure little girls away from their parents at a Burlington Coat Factory. An alert security guard caught on and taped it all, so parents -- and the general public -- are able to see our worst nightmare unfolding before our eyes.

In the video, retired chiropractor Jonathan Davis -- an ADULT man -- is following a series of girls as young as 5. He is trying to get their attention, and when he does, he is rubbing himself (not seen in this video). Can we say OMG? It's so horrifying, it takes your breath away.

At one point he even compliments an 8-year-old girl on her butt. And all of this happened within feet of the parent. It makes you never want to take your kids out again. See below:


There are many times I am annoyed by the idea of security cameras (say when I am in the dressing room and feeling paranoid), but this is one time I say thank GOD for them.

After all, what parent hasn't had the three seconds of panic in a store when you realize your 5-year-old has hidden somewhere or walked around the corner? Sure, when I am out, I try to never let my kids out of my sight, but if they are walking ahead of me, sometimes there are seconds when I am scared.

Before, I thought that was paranoid. Now I am not so sure. We are told not to fear strangers because it's the people we know who hold more danger. This is almost every worst fear I have about pedophiles and strangers rolled into one.

With two kids, ages 5 and 3, there are seconds where a kid might bolt and I am chasing them or she may wander to one side of the aisle while I am grabbing flour on the other. Generally once a kid is out of a stroller or a shopping cart, you're just trying to keep them corralled. So this is the last kind of story most moms need to hear.

Thank God for hidden cameras, indeed. But it's a shame we need them. It's a shame pedophiles exist.

Does this story scare you?


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