6 Patriotic Quotes to Inspire Your Armed Forces Day

6 Patriotic Quotes to Inspire Your Armed Forces Day

american flagHold it right there Americans! I know you're all excited to get to the end of the month for the three-day holiday weekend that officially starts off the summer. But I think you're forgetting something. Armed Forces Day? It's May 19 this year. That's a week BEFORE Memorial Day.

If you haven't heard of it, I'm more sad than shocked. Armed Forces Day is the one holiday that celebrates all the members currently serving in our military. While Memorial Day is about our fallen and Veterans Day about our retired military, this is a day when we honor the men and women who are working for our country every day.

And I have just the thing to get you in the right mindset to pay tribute.

We've got some quotes that explain just why 1.4 million men and women are active duty military right now, serving around the world. Quotes about what it means to be a patriot. Quotes from presidents and regular joes.

They're the kind of quotes you can pin on a Pinterest board (check out The Stir's boards for ideas) to remind you every single day that we're pretty darn lucky to live in a land where Old Glory flies above us in part because there are people willing to fight for her.

What is your go-to quote that you use to remind people how lucky we are to have our military?


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