Beach Rocks Combust & Catch Fire in Woman's Pocket (VIDEO)

A 43-year-old woman was walking on the beach in Southern California and collected some rocks. Later, when she was in her kitchen, the rocks she and her children had collected spontaneously exploded in her pocket. She suffered third-degree burns. But more importantly, the rocks EXPLODED IN HER POCKET. Is anyone else sitting there, mouth agape? I know I am.

The woman tried stop, drop, and roll, but to no avail. Her husband also suffered second-degree burns to his hand trying to put out the fire. When they finally got the rocks out of her pocket, they burned the floor and continued to smoke until the fire department arrived. Scary, scary stuff.

When I read a news article like this, I am always all: What is the life lesson here? What can I gain so this doesn't happen to me? But I am stumped here. See below:


Let's see ... Don't walk on the beach. Don't pick up rocks. Don't stand in your kitchen. Yeah, no. That's not going to work this time.

Authorities aren't saying how it happened and have never seen anything like it. For now, authorities are blaming friction and possibly phosphorous.

According to the AP, field tests of the rocks suggested that there WAS phosphorus on two of the rocks. Phosphorus is found in oxidized form in rocks. In its pure elemental form, it will burn. It's used in flares, which should tell you something about it. 

Scary, scary, scary. The beach where the rocks were found is also near the Camp Pendleton Marine base and there is a nuclear power plant nearby. The conspiracy theorists should love this stuff!

Since the woman is still alive, it's just a messed up story. But this really could have been a tragedy. The fact that it may have happened just the way she said it did is making the inside of my house and my couch look much more appealing than the beach this summer.

Does this freak you out?


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