2-Year-Old Weighing Less Than a Newborn Wasn't Given a Chance (VIDEO)

A 2-year-old Washington boy is on life support after he was found without a heartbeat in his home, weighing just 10 pounds. The incredibly malnourished toddler had no hair or muscle tone and his heart had simply stopped beating.

Obviously, this is beyond awful and is sick and wrong and twisted and tragic. But even odder is what the mother said. She didn't consult a regular doctor in matters regarding her son's health. Instead she consulted a Chinese herbalist.

If she is telling the truth, then the case becomes one of parental rights versus state rights with children. Clearly, in this case, someone wasn't paying enough attention. See video below:



The boy's 32-year-old mother told detectives she had spoken about the boy to a Chinese herbalist in San Francisco on the telephone, and also had consulted with a local naturopath. The boy has no medical records, according to authorities, and police described him as "skin and bones."

When a child is so young, under 5, there is no legal obligation to send him to school. Children are heartbreakingly vulnerable because they are at the mercy of their parents. And while most parents spend their lives worrying about horrible things befalling their children and do anything in their power to protect them, some parents actually DO the horrible things themselves.

It's unimaginable. In this case, the child had four siblings, none of whom had similar issues. Meanwhile authorities are claiming it's "not what it seems."

If that is code for the idea that the parents in this case thought they WERE helping their child, then it's hard to know what to think. How could this be anything but neglect? How can it be legal not to take one's child to the doctor?

And yet it is. Many religions don't believe in medical care and, somehow, that is OK. Is that really how we want our country to be? Sure, freedom of religion is great, but when your religion is affecting the life of an innocent who is too young to make his own choices, then what? Can parents really make these kinds of decisions?

If this WAS for religious reasons, then I say it's hogwash. A child cannot make decisions for himself. He needs people to care for him. "No medical records" means neglect. I can't imagine how anyone could see it otherwise.

This poor, poor baby boy. My heart is broken for him.

What do you think? Is this neglect?

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