George Zimmerman's Injury Details Only Prove One Thing

From the beginning of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, I haven't been as certain of what happened that night as a lot of other people seem to be. There are really only two people who know what happened that night, and one of them is dead. The other one thinks he knows, but he only knows his version of events. Now a medical report has been leaked to the press that says that George Zimmerman, who was arrested for the second-degree murder, suffered a "closed fracture" broken nose and two black eyes.

The Martin family has their suspicions about the medical report, which was made a day after the incident by Zimmerman's family doctor. They note that Zimmerman never went to the hospital or received medical treatment on the scene.


But bolstering the theory that some sort of scuffle occurred is the autopsy of Trayvon Martin, which apparently showed that he had bruises on his knuckles. However, a physical fight between the two could be argued either way: Zimmerman felt he was in danger for his life and acted in self-defense OR Martin felt he was in danger for his life and acted in self-defense. Injuries only say one thing: A fight happened. They don't say WHY a fight happened.

The fact remains only one of the men had a gun. The other had a bag of Skittles. Only one is alive to tell his version of events. The other must have his story told through eyewitness accounts, phone call logs, and other evidence.

I will say if a strange man ever approaches me in a threatening manner, I will get my dukes up. I live in the city, and I'm on constant alert, and I will fight first and ask questions later if I feel I'm in danger. Of course, this could end up as badly for me as it did for Martin. But you do what you feel is right at the time.

What do Zimmerman's injuries say to you?

Image via Orange County Sheriff's Office

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