Mom Stabs Boyfriend After Getting Too 'Cheap' a Mother's Day Gift

flowers and cardOn the day the world celebrated its mothers, one mom stabbed the father of her two kids to death. Why? Because the Mother's Day gifts he bought her were too cheap

It's almost unimaginable, but this is the sickening reality two young Beaumont, Texas boys face after a deadly Mother's Day brawl. Paige Parkerson was charged with first degree murder after killing her boyfriend Clifton Barkin.

It was a horrific turn in what Barkin likely thought would be a sweet Mother's Day celebration. After picking up flowers and a card at Walmart that evening, he went home to Parkerson, who reportedly went ballistic over the low-budget gifts. According to Barkin's mother Evetta Wright, Parkerson expected something more expensive, like jewelry.


The argument, which their two sons thankfully slept through, ended with Barkin dying of multiple stab wounds in his backyard. It was Wright who called 911, alerting them that Parkerson called her and confessed to the gruesome crime.

To me, the saddest part of this horrific mess is the emotional toll it will undoubtedly have on their children. Now these two boys are left without a father and a mother who may be headed to prison for the rest of her life. Too bad the boys' fate wasn't put first on that day on which so many of us celebrate the greatness of motherhood.

Should Parkerson be allowed to remain in contact with her sons?

Images via jamjar/Flickr

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