Bain Sisters Survive Adam Mayes' Abduction Only to Face Trauma of Separation

Alexandria BainThere was little question that the two youngest girls in the Bain family were going to have a lot to get over after being kidnapped by one-time family friend and "uncle" Adam Mayes. Police say he killed their mom and older sister, and then took off with Alexandria Bain, 12, and Kyliyah Bain, 8, into the woods. But these poor kids were just delivered another blow.

Alexandria's real father has come out of the woodwork, and he wants her to come live with him. So after surviving an abduction that included three days in the woods with no food or water, she may be separated from the only other person who understands what she's going through. How's that for adding trauma on top of tragedy?


The whole Mayes case has been a complicated tangle of relationships from the get-go. The kidnapper was a one-time brother-in-law of Gary Bain, whose wife and three daughters disappeared overnight, along with Mayes, back in April. Then we learned that Mayes and Gary's wife, JoAnn, were suspected of having an affair. There was even news that Mayes though he was the father of Alexandria and Kyliyah.

But now we can add the name Mark Johnson to the whole mess. He is Alexandria's biological father and was the father of Adrienne Bain, the 14-year-old police also say was killed by Mayes. And apparently he wants his elder daughter back, even though he gave up custody years ago to Gary and JoAnn. 

I suppose I understand the logic. JoAnn, the girl's biological mother, is gone. Gary was her husband but had no blood tie to the girl.

And yet, Gary is legally Alexandria's father. He was willing to adopt the child when her own father gave up on her. And what's more, he's the father of little Kyliyah, the sister who went through this whole horrifying trauma with Alexandria. They aren't just "sisters" because they share blood. They're forever tied together as survivors. Separating these girls might be legal, but it certainly is not kind or humane.

What do you think should happen with the Bain girls now?


Image via Natonal Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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