Writer Carlos Fuentes Dies at 83 But Leaves 12 Quotes to Inspire Us

The Old GringoAmong all the talented, amazing authors' minds and creative works I got to delve into as a Spanish major in college, Carlos Fuentes was one of my favorites. There was no other author like Fuentes who could make the trials and tribulations of Mexico's history so compelling to read in literature-form while at the same time expounding more universal themes like love and death. So I was really saddened to hear that he died at 83 of an internal hemorrhage in his home in Mexico City.

His most famous work is The Old Gringo, a novel about American writer Ambrose Bierce, last seen during the Mexican Revolution. It was the first book by a Mexican to become a best seller in the US -- you may have also seen the film too, which starred Gregory Peck and Jane Fonda.

He will be very missed by those who've read and loved his works, so let's honor him by reading 12 of his best, most inspiring quotes:


1. "One wants to tell a story, like Scheherezade, in order not to die. It's one of the oldest urges in mankind. It's a way of stalling death."

2. "Love can isolate us from everything around us. But in its absence, we can be filled with the fear that something comparable exists."

3. "There is no creation without tradition; the 'new' is an inflection on a preceding form; novelty is always a variation on the past."

4. "There must be something beyond slaughter and barbarism to support the existence of mankind and we must all help search for it."

5. "Children know how to be cruel, and the cruelty of their elders is the surest residue of the malaise the young feel toward things strange, things other, things that reveal our own ignorance or insufficiency."

6. "Reading, writing, teaching, learning, are all activities aimed at introducing civilizations to each other."

7. "Retrospectively, I would agree with Luis Bunuel that sex without sin is like an egg without salt."

8. "By its very nature, the novel indicates that we are becoming. There is no final solution. There is no last word."

9. "Religion is dogmatic. Politic is ideological. Reason must be logical, but literature has a privilege of being equivocal."

10. "I need, therefore I imagine."

11. "Writing is a struggle against silence."

12. "I live through risk. Without risk there is no art. You should always be on the edge of a cliff about to fall down and break your neck."

Have you heard of Carlos Fuentes? Did you ever read or see The Old Gringo?

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