Why President Obama Is the Best Candidate for Women & Girls (VIDEO)

woman and her daughter talking in pro choice america adConsidering that the women's suffrage movement began more than 100 years ago and second-wave feminism was born almost 50 years ago, you would think we as a country would be further along when it comes to gender discrimination. Unfortunately, it feels like we've have been thrown under the political bus more than ever in the past year (see: the GOP's war on women). So it's no wonder that President Obama has made the point in recent days to reiterate his strong record on women's rights -- and, for that reason, that NARAL Pro-Choice America has endorsed him, calling him "a leader who stands with women and their families."

They've even released a video that really gets at the heart of why President Obama deserves women's votes this fall. (Hint: His pro-choice stance is just one reason.) Check it out ...


That's right -- "opportunity and equality don't come without a fight," but at least American women know that when they vote to re-elect President Obama, they're getting a president who is willing to stand up and fight for us. To protect our right to make decisions about their own health and to champion our right to be on equal footing as men in the workplace. And to treat us as one half of the country, instead of a minority or "special interest group."

The video definitely echoes major points Obama made when he spoke at Barnard College in NYC yesterday, noting that the dearth of female lawmakers in Congress is "one reason we're actually refighting long-settled battles over women's rights" and lamented that the shortage of female chief execs at major companies is "one reason many workplaces still have outdated policies."

So, it's never been clearer: Obama's the best choice for those of us who value our freedom, opportunity, and equality and the same for future generations of women. Given his track record and obvious insistence on continuing to fight for women's rights in a second term, no Republican candidate can even compare.

What do you make of NARAL's video? Do you agree that Obama is the best choice for women and girls?

Image via prochoiceamerica/YouTube

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