Creepy Man Pretending to Be Boy's Uncle Is Stopped by a Quick-Thinking School Janitor

janitorMove over Batman! There's a new crimefighter in New York City. By day he's a school janitor. By night (OK, early morning) he saves little kids from creepy abductors.

New York news teams are reporting John Velasquez was just pushing his broom outside the PS 160 in the Bronx early in the morning when he saw some guy walk up to a little boy outside the school and grab him by the hand. Now, I don't know about you, but I figure when a kid is at school in the morning, they are there to stay. Good thing Janitor Velasquez had the same thought.


He intervened, and when the older dude tried to claim he was the 6-year-old's uncle, he asked the kid. When the boy said no, Valsequez refused to let him leave with the man. Instead he marched him inside to security.

I have to give Velasquez a lot of credit. People are so lawsuit-happy these days. Just touching a 6-year-old boy, even if it was to grab him by the hand, has become a scary thing for school staffers these days. Not to mention, if the guy HAD been his uncle, there are nutjobs who would sue for the mere fact that they had their so-called "rights" denied.

But the fact is, police say Velasquez saved a kid's life. He didn't think about lawsuits. He thought about what was right. A kid standing outside a school at 7 a.m. is probably there to enter the school, not exit. So it's "off" that someone would be trying to take a kid away, rather than to, the entrance.

There's a lesson in there, isn't there? When something feels "off," it probably is. It's probably right to intervene. Sure, you might have some hassles along the way, like parents who are sue-happy. But at the end of the day, if you know you did what was right, if you saved a kid's life, you can sleep at night. Like Mr. Velasquez.

Police are now searching for the would-be abductor, but fortunately the child is safe and sound... the way he should be.

Have you ever seen a creepy situation going down? What did you do?


Image via wayne's eye view/Flickr

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