Newlywed Mom Stabbed to Death in Wedding Gown

wedding dressSo many women dream of their wedding day, and it sounds like 26-year-old Estrella Carrera had been waiting awhile. Carrerra, a beautiful Illinois resident, had finally married the father of her 2-year-old son. The day she got married, she invited a bunch of relatives to a party. She then left her son and her 9-year-old daughter with her father and celebrated. The next day, she failed to pick up her two children, so relatives called police.

That's when they made the shocking discovery that Carrera had been stabbed to death in her bathtub. And she was still in her wedding dress.


Although no one has been arrested, police are calling the murder the result of a "domestic dispute." Well, obviously, we all know what that means. The police must suspect the groom (whom they are not naming). Carrera and the father of her child had been in an on-off relationship for about three years.

I have no idea what happened here. But I do know this: Carrera had a wedding gown on. She had just gotten married. She had just said the "till death do us part" vows to the man who was the father of her child. Clearly, she had no idea that parting was going to come the next day.

It's tragic any time that domestic violence leads to murder, as it often can. But something about a woman in her wedding dress -- symbolic of the hope for the union she had entered into -- that makes it doubly tragic. When people get married, it is hope and faith over reason and rationale. Our brain tells us that "till death do us part" is a very long time. Our heart tells us we wouldn't have it any other way.

Carrera's hope, her faith, was taken along with her life. Her children are left without a mother. If it turns out that this was domestic violence leading to murder, it's another time that a woman's hope was the agent of her death.

How tragic is it that she was still in her wedding gown?


Image via PeterJBellis/ Flickr

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