Upcoming Solar Eclipse Is Totally Going to Own That Slacker Supermoon

ring of fireTo be quite honest with you, I'm still really, really bitter about the supermoon incident.


Because here in the NY area, it was too cloudy to see the giant moon threatening to swallow us all alive, aaaack!

Spare me your spectacular supermoon photos, rest of the world, because I am resentful they got to witness the rare lunar event and I DID NOT.

Anyway. As such, all my money's on the upcoming solar eclipse. That's right, Sunday May 20, baby! Better known as the Ring of Fire, that is, because an annular solar eclipse blocks out most of the sun, leaving only a flaming, glowing ring of glowy amazing-ness.

So get ready: May 20, late afternoon or early evening. You don't wanna miss this!

But let's get to the real issue here. Perhaps you're wondering if the Ring of Fire will doom your life to supermoon-level mayhem?


Um, yeah, pretty much. Except not exactly. From what I can tell (cause astrology is seriously complicated), while the supermoon made everybody's personal lives go nutso, the solar eclipse (which will be in Gemini, by the way) makes everything go nutso on a global scale. So like, maybe you won't have some crazy family drama or get fired or anything like that, but maybe ... there might be something like a giant flood.

I can't decide if this is good news or bad news. I mean bad, obviously, but the other side of the coin suggests that whatever this epic worldwide disaster thing is will have positive results. In a bringing people together kind of way.

Do you have any (good or bad) expectations for the solar eclipse on Sunday?


Image via Badr Naseem/Flickr

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