Obama Really Isn't 'Gay' But 'Newsweek' Really Is Desperate

Oh, magazine world, you so cuh-raaazy. First, you put a mother nursing her 3-year-old son on the cover of Time. Now, you put Obama on the cover of Newsweek, stick a rainbow halo over his head, and call him "The First Gay President." You so nutty, mag world. You so controversial. You so frickin' desperate!

Hey, I get it. No one buys magazines anymore. We all know everyone gets their news online. So you gotta get insaaaaane for anyone to notice you.


Of course, these two covers, coming in the same week, aren't exactly the first water cooler covers we've ever seen. There was the Princess Diana Back From the Dead cover, again on Newsweek. There's the crazy-eyed Michele Bachmann cover on ... yep, Newsweek! Anyone else sensing a theme here?

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My point is this: Mothers breastfeeding toddlers have been around for a long time. I know women who were doing it a decade ago. Not ... a ... big ... deal. And Obama is not our "first gay president." He supports the right of gay people to get married. This does not, in actuality, make him gay. (Yes, I know you are playing on Bill Clinton's reputation as the "first black president." But Clinton never appeared on Newsweek in an Afro wig -- though I bet you are regretting that!)

Worthy topics such as these could be dealt with in a more mature fashion, mag world, no? Instead, covers like these are something you'd see blaring from the frontpage of The Weekly World News. "Giant Baby Abducts Woman's Breast!" or "President Obama's Secret Life as a Drag Queen!"

All this is doing is making you look desperate, mag world. Especially you two kids over there, Newsweek and Time. Listen to me! Sit down. Behave yourselves.

What do you think of the Obama Newsweek cover? Desperate or -- oohh! -- controversial?


Image via Newsweek

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