Student With Flesh-Eating Disease May Find Solace Through Her Unique Spiritual Beliefs (VIDEO)

aimee copelandWe're all holding our breath for Aimee Copeland, the graduate student who is desperately fighting a rare, flesh-eating virus. So far she has lost one leg. She may lose another foot and her fingers. It's a miracle that she's even still alive. And it's a mercy that she can't remember how she got so sick.

Amy is getting medication to help her "forget the stress she's under," her father Andy Copeland says in his blog. There's no brain damage -- it's just that Aimee needs to focus on resting and healing right now.

Something that might help Aimee recover emotionally once she does recover physically: Her unique spiritual beliefs.  


Andy Copeland explains in his blog that Aimee is studying a form of psychology with a spiritual element. She believes that everything -- from human beings to a leaf on a tree -- is part of the great Web of Life:

Aimee is particularly interested in eco-psychology; the study and practice of re-harmonizing with Nature as a means for creating psychological health and vitality. She believes in the power of Nature to heal the trauma of the psyche.

So it's a little ironic that it would be an adventure in the natural world that would bring that awful flesh-eating disease into Aimee's body. But that amazing, unifying philosophy will be exactly what she needs to understand and accept what has happened to her.

Imagine the perspective that philosophy will give her when she is fully cognizant again. That bacteria that threatens her life, the parts of herself that she has lost -- she will see these in a completely different way than I think most of us would. She will seek Nature as a way to heal from her trauma. And that's a great blessing for Aimee and the people who love her.

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Do you think your spiritual beliefs would help you heal emotionally from a traumatic experience like this?


Image via ABC News

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