Obama's 'Gutsy Call' on Gay Marriage Was a Cheap, Meaningless Campaign Ploy

Last week, President Obama conveniently "evolved" enough to come out for gay marriage, after a trial balloon was floated by Vice President Biden. President Obama was quick to cash in on his "evolution," immediately sending out a campaign mailer that said he was "asked a direct question and gave a direct answer." In reality, the only question he answered was if he was willing to use people as a fundraising scheme and the answer was a resounding "aww, hell yes."

President Obama does have a "laser-like focus" on one job -- his own.




President Obama continued to try to use gay people for some sweet, sweet campaign cash by calling himself "historic" and tweeting out a photo with a quote that was all about him. As usual. His website put up a section of allegedly "inspirational" stories that were actually all comments stroking President Obama's own severely inflated ego.

I wonder how gay people feel about being totally used for someone else’s end? It’s not about gay marriage, it’s all about The One ™. Even Uterine Forensic Expert Andrew Sullivan admitted as much in his swoon-filled "article" at The Daily Beast.

There was, of course, cold politics behind it. One in six of Obama’s fundraising bundlers is gay, and he needs their money. Wall Street has not backed him financially this year the way it did in 2008. A few Jewish donors have held back over Israel. And when Obama announced recently that he would not issue an executive order barring antigay discrimination for federal contractors, the gay donors all but threatened to leave him high and dry.

The President then doubled-down on the self-congratulatory hubris by co-opting gay pride for himself. No, really. It's no longer "gay pride," it's "Obama pride." Unbelievable. Except, of course, it's not; it's predictable. President Obama has never found a thing that he couldn't somehow make all about himself. 

His "evolution" was about nothing other than his own re-election. Using gay people, stirring up division, all is no big whoop to Obama as long as it allows him to cash in and further his own personal goals. His announcement changes nothing; he cannot unilaterally make laws. While pesky bitter clingers are railed at and called "barbarians" and "bigots" and "homophones" (funny how the oh-so-smart, enlightened people can't even figure out the proper false insults to hurl), at least they see through President Obama's super transparent move.

Nothing has changed except that gay people are being used and strung along for someone else's purposes. They are still unemployed. They are still paying higher health insurance premiums and are unable to "keep their plan, if they like their plan." Contrary to the apparent belief of President Obama, gay people aren't pets to be patted on the head and then told to shut up. They don't exist in some magical land separate from us all. They are part of America and are living in the same horrible economy that the rest of us are.

That is what will affect this election. It's "the economy, stupid." It's not meaningless rhetoric spouted only to stroke President Obama. Contrary to his opinion, the world does not, in fact, revolve around him.


Image via BarackObama.com

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