'Time' Magazine Breastfeeding Mom: We Have Her All Wrong (VIDEO)

jamie lynn grumet time magazine breastfeeding cover momWith the bold "breastfeeding" Time magazine cover the talk of the nation today, mom and "covergirl" Jamie Lynne Grumet and her almost 4-year-old son Aram appeared on The Today Show this morning to discuss the incendiary cover image and feature. But, contrary what to some might have been expecting, Grumet didn't hop up on a soapbox to preach about attachment parenting. She actually came off as exceptionally sunny, chill, pragmatic, and -- wait for it -- accepting.

Of her breastfeeding practices, Grumet admitted, "It's a big commitment, and it's not right for everybody, and I think that's the big thing. You need to do what's best for your baby." Wow! Wait a minute! So does that mean she's not the extreme-minded, holier-than-thou commander-in-chief of the "Mommy Wars" that haters have made her out to be in the last 24 hours alone? 


It's almost as if we cannot wait for the media to deliver us our next target -- someone we can hold up and then, abruptly, tear down. We fall into the trap over and over again.

Okay, so Grumet is passionate about a hot-button, divisive topic. She put herself out there in a huge way, and she even admitted on Today that she was prepared for the media attention. (Not as much as she's received, but she knew what she was getting into for the most part.) Still, there's no excuse for villainizing this woman. Especially now that she's made it blatantly clear in this interview that she "comes in peace" and isn't accusing moms who don't parent as she does of any wrongdoing.

Now that she's made it clear that she doesn't believe her attachment parenting style is necessarily for all moms and that every parent and family should do what's right for them, maybe the character assaults and personal attacks can simmer down a bit. Maybe those who don't see eye-to-eye with Grumet can stop making it like she's a wild-eyed zealot out to convert all mothers into breastfeeding robots. And even those who aren't on Team AP could just agree to disagree with her and move on! Idealistic thoughts? Sure ... but fair, open-minded folks shouldn't find it impossible.

Here's Grumet's appearance on Today if you missed it ...


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Does this interview change how you feel about the Time cover photo or Grumet's parenting style? If so, how?

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