Kidnapped Girls from Adam Mayes Case Found

adam maynesWhat a relief. Alexandra and Kyliyah, the girls who went missing after the murder of mom Jo Ann Bain and oldest sister Adrienne, have been found. They are safe and aside from being dehydrated and traumatized (of course!) they are in okay condition.

Adam Mayes has been found dead.

Adam, the man who fled following the murders of Jo Ann and Adrienne, took a gun to his head. Or that appears to be what happened. So much for justice and closure. But it could be worse.


As Adam's sister-in-law Bobbi Booth put it, "he took the sissy's way out." He will never have to answer for Jo Ann and Adrienne's murders. But at least he didn't do what Josh Powell did: Kill the survivors.

We may actually find out what really happened through testimony from Alexandra and Kyliyah. Those poor girls -- surviving this horrible ordeal, losing their mother and older sister, and they'll probably still be grilled by investigators. I hope they're gentle and sensitive with the girls.

And we're still trying to untangle all the relationships here. Adam's sister Pamela is the previous wife of Jo Ann's husband, Gary Bain. Adam's wife Theresa (who has been arrested as an accomplice) supposedly suspected Adam of having an affair with Jo Ann. And then there's this burning question: Was Adam Mayes the father of Alexandra and Kyliyah? Whatever the relationship, the most important thing here is that the two girls have been found safe and alive.

Do you think we'll ever find out what really happened?


Image via FBI


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