10 Attention-Grabbing Cover Suggestions for 'Time' Magazine

time magazine cover

In case you haven't yet seen it, here's the cover of the May 21 issue of Time Magazine. It's a mom, breastfeeding her 3-year-old son. (You're welcome for the interpretation.) It's also a sure as hell way to boost magazine sales. Since that's the clear motive here, I thought I'd offer Time some follow-up articles.


1. Are Stay-at-Home Moms Superior To Working Moms? (Illustrated with an obviously at home mother beating the crap out of a working mom.)

2. Are Working Moms Superior To Stay-at-Home Moms? (Illustrated with a woman, in a suit and with a briefcase, wearing the happiest of babies.)

3Pacifiers: Gateway to Attachment Issues? (Illustrated with a woman, pushing out a baby, screaming her head off and donning a crown.)

4. Old Mothers Are Bad Mothers. (Illustrated with a woman in a nursing home breastfeeding an infant.)

5. Young Mothers are Bad Mothers. (Illustrated with a pregnant pre-teen.)

6. Vaccinations Are the Devil (Illustrated with a devil nurse poking a baby's leg with an endless needle.)

7. Does Formula Kills Babies? (Illustrated with a mother feeding her child a bottle filled with poison.)

8. Spanking For Good (Illustrated with a toddler getting whipped and spanked by his dominatrix mother.)

9. Epidurals: Birth Plans for the Weak? (Illustrated with a woman, pushing out a baby, screaming her head off and donning a crown.)

10. CircumcisionWhose Penis Is It Anyway? (Illustrated with a rabbi, a mother and a doctor all fighting over a newborn's penis.)

Ridiculous, huh?

I thought so, too.

{Image courtesy of Time Magazine}

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