Embattled Wife Hits Her Hubby With a Car So She Can Rock the Vote

Jeffrey Radle is married, but he’s crazy about someone else besides his wife, Amanda. It’s not even another woman—it’s another man (cue the theatrical soap opera music). Apparently, Jeff is a huge supporter of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. So much so that as Mrs. Radle was saddling up to vote for another candidate in the state’s Republican primary, he stood in front of her car as she tried to pull out of the driveway.

But the missus had moxie to match her hub’s passion, and she was undeterred. She simply tugged the steering wheel in the other direction and tried to drive around him. Radle, however, was so serious about his cause that the man swan dove in front of her car and, in the process, injured his fool head, neck, and back. Then she, in all of her crazy lady-ness, nudged him with the bumper several times. What a scene.


We’ve all heard stories about spouses jumping in front of cars to keep them from driving off to a not-so-secret rendezvous, maybe even from leaving the marriage altogether, but for political allegiance? On the flip side, plowing your life partner down en route to declare your support for a Democratic candidate hardly seems like good enough reason.

Clearly, the couple had preexisting issues. There’s no doubt about it. I mean, it could’ve been a dish towel or a soggy newspaper, whatever. Anything was liable to set off that relationship powder keg.

No charges have been filed yet—key word: yet—but police say if a complaint is lobbied by Mr. Radle, the lady of the house might find herself in the slammer. Still, he can take comfort in knowing that his personal sacrifice was not for nothing. His guy Gov. Walker breezed through the primary and his wife’s Democrat candidate had to chalk it up, at least until another election. I guess we’ll have to keep a closer eye on Wisconsin politics this year. Real Housewives whatever. The folks in the W.I. are bringing that drama and then some.

Could you be with someone who wasn’t part of your same political party?

Image via audreyjm529/Flickr

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