Angry Cartoon Squirrel Knows North Carolina Is Nuts (VIDEO)

squirrel gay marriageFoamy the Squirrel is fed up, okay? And he has every reason to be! 

"What the hell is wrong with everybody? Are people still really so upset about gay marriage in the United States? Seriously?!"

Foamy, in case you haven't heard, is the "all-knowing, hyper-logical, ranting squirrel known throughout the lands for his Squirrelly Wrath."

I'm not entirely sure if Foamy really is all-knowing, but he's definitely hyper-logical. Especially when he goes off on the "sanctity of marriage."


Most married straight people are miserable, he argues, adding, "No one likes their in-laws, and children are a pain in the ass!"

(I love how cartoon characters can get away with saying exactly what everybody won't admit is on their minds already.)

Basically, Foamy is like a cartoon squirrel version of Denis Leary. And if that's what it takes to talk some sense into North Carolina lawmakers, I say okay! Who wouldn't listen to this guy?

What's that? Oh, North Carolina lawmakers wouldn't listen because clearly they're deaf (dumb, and blind)?

Yeah, you're probably right.

Are you as angry as Foamy the Squirrel?


Image via jimathers/YouTube

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