Man Digs Up Girlfriend's Dead Pet in Awful Revenge

When things go south in a relationship, all kinds of wacky, disgusting behavior can result. But a man in upstate New York has outdone all of the bizarro things I have lately heard about couples inflicting on each other, short of murder.

Perhaps it is because I have a soft spot for animals. Perhaps it is because I loved my cat, who passed away last year, more than I loved most people. Perhaps it is because this takes major psychosis to go ahead and do this, but this story of revenge just really got to me. So I nominate this guy as douchebag of the month for what he did to a young woman ...


Apparently this guy first scratched his girlfriend, then stole $260 from her. So far, so douche-y.

But then he graduated him from average jerkaholic to world-class asstard. He dug up the woman's dead pet chinchilla, took pictures of it, and sent them to her cellphone.

What kind of insensitive slimeball do you have to be to do that? Pets are like family. This is like digging up someone's mother and sending them a photo. Sorry, but it is. The 19-year-old woman must have been very upset too, because she called the police. And now the guy is in a psychiatric ward, just where he belongs.

I think a guy like this is headed for serious trouble. It's a short trip from digging up a dead pet to sending a dead pet in the mail. And then it's a hop, skip, and a jump to abusing a human being. I hope this guy's little "revenge" is taken seriously by authorities and he is given proper help, not just a slap on the wrist or probation. Because someone who can take pleasure in a dead pet has serious issues and those issues are eventually going to come out in even worse ways.

What do you think about what this guy did?


Image via Tambako the Jaguar/Flickr

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