North Carolina Passes Amendment One in Massive Win for Hate & Bigotry (VIDEO)

Today those of us who were against Amendment One -- the proposed amendment to North Carolina’s constitution which would make marriage between a man and woman -- have heavy hearts. Somehow, inexplicably, the incredibly short sighted North Carolina voters have passed this awful, hate-filled, vile thing. Yes, we activists for equality have lost this battle. But we will not lose this war.

The fact is, same-sex marriage was ALREADY illegal in the state. What these people passed is this: "Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State." This means civil unions or domestic partnerships won't be legally recognized.

It's disgusting and vile and evil. But don't let me tell you. Watch this video below:


Do these two strike you as people who shouldn't be able to love one another? Do they strike you as less worthy or less deserving of what you have as a straight person? 

I could go on and on in anger. It's horrifying that the very people who so hate the idea of "Sharia Law" would turn around and vote their religious-based bigotry into the constitution by 61 percent. Sixty-one percent of people in North Carolina think hate is A-OK.

But the truth is, anger won't solve a thing. You know what will? Love. Love and compassion and righteousness. Because in the end, I wouldn't belong to a religion that thinks hate trumps love. That isn't a religion at all. That is an exclusive club. And we all know how exclusion fares in the long run in the US. Fifty years ago, there were different drinking fountains for people of different races. Now that would be despicable.

We lost this battle. But we WILL win this war. Consider this:

In November of this year, same-sex marriage will be on the ballots in several states, some of whom will likely legalize it. In November of 2004, 11 states banned it on the ballot. This year, North Carolina passed Amendment One with 61 percent, but in 2004, Arkansas passed something similar by 75 percent. In 2012, 50 percent of Americans support legalizing gay marriage. In 2004, that number was 32 percent.

We are making progress slowly but surely. Gay marriage is legal in a number of states, including Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, and the District of Columbia. We are getting there. This is a setback. But this isn't the war.

If we have to steamroll every bigot on our way to the top, we will do so and we will do so proudly. Any good fight has some setbacks. But we can't lose this fight.

We have righteousness and love on our side. The haters have only hate. We will steamroll you. We will trump you. And we will be victorious.

Were you sad about North Carolina?


Image via Shanebitneycrone/YouTube

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