Tennessee Murder & Kidnapping Suspect May Have Had Help From Mom & Wife

It's bad enough when an entire family -- a mother and her three daughters -- disappears. And gets even worse when the mother, Jo Ann Bain, and one of her daughters, is found murdered. Add that the main suspect, Adam Mayes, is nowhere to be found, and neither are the other two Bain girls. But now let's make the whole thing even more sordid and horrific ...

The wife and the mother of the main suspect have been arrested! And the wife, Teresa Mayes, has admitted to police that she helped transport the four victims to her house. And Adam's  mother, Mary, was in the home while the victims were confined there. What the --? What kind of diabolical family is this? The family that slays together, stays together?


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Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters, Adrienne, Alexandra, and Kyliyah, have been missing since April 27. The bodies of Jo Ann and Adrienne, who was 14, were found in the Mayes backyard. No one knows where Adam Mayes or the two younger girls are, but they were all in the Mayes' home at some point. Mayes, who had long been friend's with Jo Ann's husband, Gary, was "like an uncle" to the three girls.

Mass murder is horrific enough -- but add in that several other family members could have witnessed the killings and did nothing, or even helped with the murders, and you've got quadruple horror. Whenever I hear about a woman helping her husband kill another woman, I just want to vomit. And this guy may have had help from not only his wife, but his mother too! What??

This sounds like a family of horrible women -- or terrified ones.

Does it make you even more angry that Mayes' wife and mother may have helped him murder the Bain family?

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