Thomas Kinkade Cause of Death Due to a Tragic Relapse

thomas kinkadeThomas Kinkade's autopsy report is out, and it's pretty much as I'd feared. It doesn't look like he was murdered or that he committed suicide. His life was spiraling out of control and his health took a beating.

Kinkade was desperately fighting some inner demons. And what's saddest of all is that it looks like Kinkade had been in recovery -- and then suffered a relapse.



According to the autopsy he died of an accidental overdose of alcohol and Valium. High blood pressure and heart disease also contributed to his death, the coroner's office reports.

Kinkade's brother Patrick says Thomas had struggled with alcoholism for years but that he'd been clean for the a few months before his death. And then -- he relapsed and weeks of drinking leading up to his death. Thomas' girlfriend Amy Pinto told examiners the morning of his death that he'd been drinking all night.

The more you dig into Kinkade's story, the darker it gets. A split from his wife and children, bankruptcy, domestic disputes -- and then the alcoholism and DUIs. Allegedly Amy has been threatening to reveal personal details about Kinkade and trade secrets about his work. She's now locked in a legal battle with Kinkade's estranged wife (and trustee of the Kinkade Family Trust), Nanette.

So on a superficial level we know what killed Thomas Kinkade. We know the cocktail of drugs and alcohol that were in his system, and the physical weaknesses he suffered. But the larger story of Kinkade and his tragic downfall is still shrouded in mystery. I almost think he really died of a broken heart.

Do you think we'll ever know the real story behind Thomas Kinkade's sad demise?


Image via Allan Fergusen/ Flickr

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