Kate Beckinsale Telling GOP to 'Get in Her Vagina' Will Make You Laugh ... & Cry (VIDEO)

kate beckinsale get in my vagina funny or dieYou'd have to be living under a rock to not know that there's been a war going on in Washington over issues most of us thought were settled some 30+ years ago (birth control, abortion, etc.) A war you would think most American women would be appalled by. But noooo. Some Republican women don't seem to mind. They're not keen on D.C.'s "socialist" taxes and health insurance. Yet, when it comes to their reproductive freedoms? Their attitude seems to be "Have at it, government! Get all up in it!"

That's why the latest FunnyorDie.com sketch, featuring Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer, and Andrea Savage as "typical Republican women" is downright hilarious. These women say they want small government. They don't want government in their banks or their classrooms. Where do they want it? Their vaginas! Where the bigger it is, the better! HA! Check it out ...


Funny Or Die - Republicans, Get In My Vagina!

AMAZING! My fave part? Definitely "My right to choose? My right to choose to not have a choice!" Aggghhh!! This sketch is just bursting with so many totally cringe-worthy, yet absolutely hilarious moments that have tears pouring down my face!

Because A.) I'm laughing that hard, yes, but also because B.) I am ACTUALLY crying! Legitimately crying that this tongue-in-cheek faux spot even has to exist, because there are politicians out there who actually believe we women shouldn't be making our own decisions about our ladyparts. Think about it. Do we really want the Oval office taking care of our "oval offices"? Oh. Hell. No.

Well, legs fingers crossed, "The Real Republican Real Women of Real America" will not be calling the shots this fall. Unless you know, we're all okay with "someone like your dad" being involved in your vagina. (I know, so, so wrong ...)

How hilarious/scary is this?!


Image via funnyordie.com

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