Teen Go-Kart Bandit Robbed 100 Homes Before Police Caught On

go-kart banditA 14-year-old with a go-kart has been described by police as an "innovative individual" because the wily teen was able to burglarize over 100 homes in the Nashville, Tennessee area before he was caught. The sneaky young man allegedly stole TVs, video games, and anything else he could grab when he kicked in back doors of local residences, then fled on his go-kart. He's been charged with a bevy of criminal actions, but it sounds like authorities feel pretty bad for the kid, who they say is an orphan and lacks role models.


Obviously this kid is pretty smart, but unfortunately, it seems like he's been using his powers for evil rather than good. Well, that, or the police aren't really paying that much attention. I mean, last time I checked, go-karts were extremely loud.

Maybe the Secret Service should get some tips from this kid since he's so good at sneaking around unnoticed. Zing.

The go-kart bandit, as he's called, had been breaking and entering since 2010 and was on the loose for two years before being brought to justice. Wonder how many TVs were in his possession when the police finally caught up to him.

It's stories like these that make neighborhood watch teams seem necessary and important. Not only do I feel badly for the victims here, but I also feel bad for the criminal. Had this "bandit" been caught by a sane, unarmed neighborhood watch person years ago, maybe some good would've come out of this negative scenario. At the very least, crime would've been prevented, and that's obviously not a bad thing.

Had there been a pair of eyes on the neighborhood, maybe someone would've noticed a correlation between a kicked-in door and a kid on a noisy go-kart buzzing through town with a flat-screen perched on the back.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first case of a youthful bandit causing trouble. Remember the "Barefoot Bandit" -- that kid who stole cars, boats, and planes in the Caribbean for two years before being caught? Interesting news on him, actually -- the now 21-year-old was just released from solitary confinement in a Washington state prison. Hopefully the go-kart bandit has learned his lesson and won't suffer the same fate.

Kids and being nationally-recognized-bandits these days. I swear.

What do you think -- does the go-kart bandit deserve our sympathy?


Photo via supermac1961/Flickr

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