Sheriff Forces Dance-Off on Inmates & Gets Busted

There's a new sheriff in town, because the old one liked Usher. A sheriff in Ohio has been fired after forcing prisoners to dance to the music of the R&B sensation. No word on which song the inmates had to get jiggy wit', but I'm thinking "Yeah!" would have been perfect.

However, the inmates didn't have to just get down, get down on the cell floor. They actually had 5 minutes to come up with a 5-minute routine. Talk about pressure! And what about those rhythm-challenged inmates who couldn't shake dat thing? This must have been pretty embarrassing for them.


Word has it the inmates got creative. One did "the worm," one "the robot," another stayed "old school." Still others merely free-styled. No one, apparently, went with the Cat Daddy. At least one inmate sat out.

“I didn’t dance. I just seen it was a gross abuse of people’s authority, and I just didn’t like it,” said former inmate Williams Reeves. Well, let's face it. Forced dancing isn't exactly torture. Humiliating, maybe. But not grossly, profoundly, horrifically abusive. Have you seen Midnight Express? Now that was bad.

But I get what Reeves is saying. Inmates shouldn't be treated like fairground monkeys, forced to boogie on cue. In fact, monkeys shouldn't be treated like fairground monkeys.

Still, perhaps firing the sheriff was a bit harsh? Maybe his superiors could have put on some Michael Jackson and made him moonwalk. Or Chris Brown with a bit of stanky leg? The possibilities are endless.

Do you feel the sheriff should have been fired?


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