Woman Attacked by 'Tame' Cheetahs While Husband Snaps Photos (VIDEO)

cheetahStop me if you've heard this one before: Woman celebrates her 60th birthday by going to a South African game preserve with her husband. To pet the pretty cheetahs, of course! Because, as staff at the game preserve assures the couple, the cheetahs are "extremely tame."

Or ... not.

Before you get too worried, the birthday gal will live to see 61, but of course the cheetahs (a pair of brothers named Mark and Monty) attacked Scottish tourist Violet D'Mello. Because, well ... they're cheetahs.

Okay, why does this kind of thing seem to happen, like, all the time? Wild animals are WILD ANIMALS, no matter where they happen to live or how "accustomed" to humans they seem.

Why, why must people continue to deny that these are dangerous creatures? Even D'Mello's husband didn't fully grasp what was going on at first ...


And by "didn't fully grasp," I mean he kept snapping pictures even as his wife was being mauled by the giant cats. (I'm assuming he realized something a little more serious than some good-natured roughhousing was going on when he saw blood.)

At least Violet has a nice keepsake photo album! "Memories of My 60th Birthday." Aww, how sweet.

Cripes. I guess you can't really blame this couple, because the game preserve people DID say they could pet the cheetahs, but ... people, it's time to drop the Dr. Doolittle fantasies. Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting with a cheetah ... no!! We can't walk with the animals, talk with the animals!

Are you surprised that this woman was attacked by the 'tame' cheetahs?

Image via ted/Flickr

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