Man Almost Dies in Police Cell But Finds a Way to Make the Horror Worth It

Daniel Chong, the college student who was mistakenly left alone in a holding cell by Drug Enforcement Administration agents for five days, is now suing the DEA for $20 million. Daniel, as you may recall, was left without food or water, and resorted to drinking his own urine to survive. Jeff Probst should consider this scenario for the next season of Survivor!

Not only did Daniel have to slurp down his own waste, but he went so crazy that he says he suffered hallucinations and tried to kill himself. This is all really horrible. I can't imagine going through what Daniel did. However, if I did have to imagine it, and then I had to imagine winning $20 million for my pains, would it be worth it? Hmmm ...


You know what? I'm gonna go with yes. Drinking your own pee can't be pleasant. But what if you got lost in the Nevada desert? You'd probably have to do the same. And there would be no pot of gold at the end of the hallucinogenic rainbow. The same with the hallucinations. I had hallucinations once when I was really sick. No one paid me millions for them.

I don't mean to make light of Daniel's situation. If DEA agents did this to me, I'd be furious! Once, I went on a three-hour bus ride with no water and thought I was going to die! But five days without food and water for $20 million? That's a lot of money, you know?

I definitely wouldn't do it for $1 million. I'd consider it for $5 million as long as there were no taxes involved. But $20 million? I wouldn't have to work for the rest of my life. Could buy me an island. Could really help out my favorite charities. Could get the most rocking apartment EVER.

Yep. I'm thinking yep. I'd do it. So sue me.

Would you go five days in a holding cell for $20 million?


Image via NBC

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