Spray Tan Blamed for Woman's Death in Strangest Murder Defense of All

spray tanJust when I didn't think there could be any tanning news any stranger than the mom accused of bringing her little girl into the booth to get bronzed, here comes something crazier. Florida dad Adam Kaufman is on trial for the murder of wife Eleanora. Only he says he didn't do it. Her spray tan did.

Oh, you know there has to be good back story to this one, don't you? Eleanora Kaufman was 33 when her death was reported to police in 2007. It took two years for the cops to call it a homicide, and another three to bring her husband to trial for allegedly doing the deed.


So you'd think he would have had time to come up with a better defense. It's been five years buddy, couldn't you at least blame ... I don't know, a one-armed man? Gangsta rap made me do it?

The prosecution says that Eleanora's death is a murder. Period. It would take a person to cause the "deep bleeding in the victim's neck muscles," and yet Kaufman is proceeding with his claim that his wife (and mother of his children!) suffered an adverse reaction to the spray tan she'd used. I'm not sure what he intends to get out of this defense. OK, well, we know he intends to get off on a murder charge. But what's next? Suing the company that made the spray tan product? Scaring the pants off of every woman who goes the -- ostensibly safer than getting skin cancer -- spray route to golden skin?

I'm not saying he killed her. That's for the jury to decide. I am saying there has to be a more reasonable explanation here. Spray tan products are scary, but good God, the kind of stuff that would cause bleeding in the neck muscles? Yeah ... no.

Which makes you wonder ... did he do it, and he's just nutso cuckoo and thinks people would believe something so outlandish? Is this the base for an insanity plea?

I don't know. All I know, frankly, is that I'd much rather spray tan than lie out in my backyard and say "come and get me cancer."

What's your read on this? Too crazy for words or ... well, maybe ...?


Image via dno1967b/Flickr

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