Obiwan Kenobi Arrested in California -- The Police Force Was With Him (VIDEO)

obiwan kenobiWhat would Luke Skywalker have to say about this? Obiwan Kenobi, 37, was arrested in California for a hit and run that involved a five-car collision. His green Toyota, or should I say, Toy-Yoda, was seen fleeing the scene of the crime and was later located a few towns away. Kenobi was taken into custody by the Roseville police and is being held in prison with bail set at $17,500.

It's really too bad he wasn't driving a Volkswagen because The Return of the Jetta jokes would've been fantastic.

Anyway, Kenobi's heart was probably Palpatine with excitement when he found out the force was with him, just, it's a shame for him that it was the police force. Kenobi wasn't hard-to-detour (R2-D2? anyone?) and now he's behind bars.


Clearly this guy isn't the brightest light-saber in the galaxy, and I bet you're wondering how he got his name, right?

Well, back in 1999, when Star Wars Episode 1 -- The Phantom Menace was just about to come out, a radio station said they'd give $1,000 to the first person to show up whose legal name was Obiwan Kenobi. A visit to a state office, a few signatures, and $12 later, Benjamin Cale Feit emerged as Obiwan Kenobi.

For the math fans at home, Kenobi netted $988 on the endeavour, which means he's still $16,502 away from posting bail.

It's doubtful that the Imperial Senate, or any Senate, for that matter, will pardon Kenobi. He should've taken his own advice before he hit a bunch of cars then took off: Patience. Use the Force. Think.

Kenobi didn't do any of that. He was impatient, lacked all Force, and didn't think at all. And now he's in jail. In Star Wars and in real life, there's no such thing as luck. Good will always prevail over evil.

Thoughts on this craziness?

Photo via Placer County Jail

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