Hello Kitty Airline Is the Little Girl Dream This Mom Wants to Hijack (VIDEO)

hello kitty airYou guys, they made my plane! Have you seen this? It's a Hello Kitty airplane. No, scratch that. It's a Hello Kitty Airline Experience. SQUEE! I thought I'd outgrown all the cute little mini pencils and paper pads and sharpeners and ponytail holders and tiny boxes and t-shirts and everything. But I got one look at this new travel concept and I knew: I still heart Hello Kitty.

I know I shouldn't like this. I definitely Should! Not! Like! This! I'm a grown up, for crying out loud. This stuff is for 6-year-old girls. And yet -- I cannot resist. Will you please look at these pink check-in kiosks? And then admire the Hello Kitty pillows? And the food -- my god, the cute, cute food!


Right? Right?!? Are you catching the vision? I would say mrow, but Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth. This is a collaboration between Eva Airways and Sanrio (the company who gave birth to Hello Kitty) and it's based out of Asia. Looking over my bank account as it currently stands, I can safely say I am absolutely NOT in danger of ever stepping foot on a Hello Kitty plane. So I admire from a distance. A very safe distance.

We interrupt this post to admire these Hello Kitty Airline pictures. Oh look, here are moar Hello Kitty Air pics.

Okay, as I was saying, it's not happening for me. What a relief -- they fly around the other side of the world, not domestically in the U.S. Because if they did fly, say, from New York to Florida, I may actually have to book a trip to whereversville just so I can experience all the pinky plasticky Hello fun. 

Oh Hello Kitty, you and your Magic Stars.

Would you ever try out Hello Kitty Air if you had the chance -- or do you think it's just freaky and gross?


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