The Slut Vote Will Have Conservatives Shaking in Their Chastity Belts

united sluts of america rock the slut voteWhen Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a "slut" (for testifying to the U.S. government on behalf of a friend who needed birth control for medical reasons), bet he never in a million years could have imagined the can of worms that he would have cracked open. A fullblown war against women's reproductive rights has erupted over the past few months, and "sluts" everywhere aren't going to take it anymore! 

It's not just a fringe group of few women here or there decrying the sick political games old white men are playing with our rights. I'd actually venture to guess that most women in the U.S. would be labeled a "slut" under the current Limbaugh/GOP definition. And now, there's an activist group just for us called Rock the Slut Vote, founded by Susan McMillan Emry.


Not sure if you're a "slut"? Well, according to RTSV, you are if you've ever done one or more of the following:

  • Gone to Planned Parenthood
  • Donated to Planned Parenthood
  • Taken a pregnancy test
  • Teach your daughters about safe sex
  • Don't want your employer policing your health care
  • Lived with a boyfriend
  • Want to marry your girlfriend
  • Had an abortion, etc.


The movement urges we who have been deemed "sluts" to stop "trying to seduce innocent men" for just a moment and make a trip to the voting booth, because we've gotta "fight the GOP effort to bully, subjugate, and silence women. We will wrest the power from the word slut and help women get informed, get involved, get registered. and vote." Woot! In other words, anyone who believes she herself (and not a bunch of trolls in D.C.) should be charge of her own reproductive health has a group of sisters to band together with and take this election by storm!

RTSV spokeswoman, Kimberley Johnson, elaborated to us exclusively on the motivation behind the group's fight:

Equal pay, birth control, women's health -- they are all at risk. If for no other reason, vote this next election for those who are FOR women's rights. We can't and WE WON'T allow the GOP to strip away all we have earned fought for decades ago.

It's clear that the GOP should be shaking in their ... chastity belts! The scary reality for them is that by making abortion and birth control an issue, they've almost completely turned their backs on more than half of the population. Guess what? They need those votes if they want to run Washington, RTSV reminds us. Too bad for them we're gonna go with politicians who are standing up for us, for Planned Parenthood, for Roe v. Wade, for our birth control coverage. Given the power of "sluts" everywhere, I have no doubt -- this fall, women will reign supreme.

Are you a slut? Would you get involved with Rock the Slut Vote?

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